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  • The only product in Europe that kills resistant cockroaches.
  • It is active for 8 hours after application.
  • It reduces their number by 90% after 48 hours.
  • It continues to poison cockroaches for another month after application.
  • The product is intended for professional use.
  • It is suitable for all surfaces.

Minimum quantity is 3
Maximum quantity is 3

The unregulated use of product, the lack of rotation, the increase in working concentrations with the reduction of efficiency and other reasons led to the appearance on the market of microencapsulated products with a closed active substance. In the range of insecticides used in Ukraine, you should pay attention to the original preparative form “Attracide 26 CS”, which leaves a microencapsulated insecticidal cover with an attractant on the treated surfaces.

The insecticide “Attracide 26 CS” is well-known in Europe: Poland (the country of origin), Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Finland, France, Croatia, Estonia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, the UK, Italy, Malta and Cyprus.

“Attracide 26 CS” characteristics

“Attracide 26 CS” insecticide is a thick odorless milky white liquid. This concentrate should be diluted with water 100 times to 1% solution. Microencapsulated 2.6% fipronil of the phenylpyrazole group was used as an active ingredient in Attracide insecticide for cockroaches. The composition of the product also includes a food attractant for cockroaches (attractant). The product is packed into the polymer double-chamber vials of 1 liter.

A distinctive feature of Attracide 26 CS is the absence of solvents in its composition, which are irritants for insects. The method of applying the solution of Attracide is spraying exclusively. When this aqueous solution is applied to the surface, a steady cover of microcapsules is formed, which keeps the active substance in an active-attracting state for a long time and ensures the implementation of the “capture and kill” technology. Cockroaches do not feel the Attracide substance is applied to the surface, more precisely, they do not feel the active substance of fipronil, but they feel the attractant very well. Naturally moving along the treated surfaces in search of an attractant, cockroaches collect microcapsules on themselves without any irritation. It allows the active substance inside the microcapsules to enter the intestine in the process of self-cleaning of insects. As a result, cockroaches receive a lethal dose of biocide.

Why fipronil?

As a chemical substance, fipronil is highly stable: decomposition by direct sunlight is only 3% per day. The melting point of a pure substance is 200-201̊ С. These qualities allow you to “work” with the applied solutions at a surface temperature of + 40oC, without losing activity.

The main thing that distinguishes fipronil from all known insecticides is its extremely low effective dose. Fipronil is highly effective in the case of a cockroach receives fipronil into the body through the gastrointestinal tract. In a similar way of consumption by a cockroach, fipronil is active in concentrations that are 10-50 times lower than pyrethroids and 50-100 times lower than carbamates and organophosphorus compounds. Microencapsulated fipronil does not have a repellent effect (that is typical for many insecticides). Fipronil has a unique mechanism of action due to irreversible blockade of gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors in the inhibitory synapses of the insect’s nervous system. The peculiarity of the molecular-cellular mechanism of action determines the lack of cross-resistance to fipronil in the cockroach populations that are resistant to other insecticides that are currently used. Death occurs from paralysis and convulsions 8 hours after the consumption of insecticide by a cockroach as a result of the excessive agitation of the central nervous system. These circumstances make Attracide an extremely prospective insecticide in pest control practice. It is advisable to include in the rotation system of insecticides in any categories of objects.

Microencapsulated insecticides

Microencapsulated insecticides are among the safest compositions. They are distinguished by a somewhat slow acute effect, but a long residual activity of up to 30 days.

It should be noted that microencapsulated forms of insecticides, along with all other means of cockroaches, are the most modern forms of the usage of insecticides. Microencapsulation makes it possible to sharply reduce the toxicity of the active ingredient of an insecticide for warm-blooded animals and people, to extend the insecticidal effect on different types of surfaces, especially on absorbent ones, since these forms penetrate a little bit into the porous materials and remain on the surface.

Attracide 26 CS is the most popular means of professional pest control for cockroaches in the developed countries of Western Europe. This is due not only to the difference in the mechanism of action at the molecular-cellular level but also to the revolutionary new cockroach destruction strategy implemented in Attracide.

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